Terms and Conditions




This agreement (the “Agreement”) is made between you, (the consignor) and Bib and Tucker Curated Children’s Consignment (B&T) and is considered effective as of the date stated in the ‘New Consignor Contract’. All consignment items, including children’s clothing, outerwear, shoes and maternity wear and/or other items are subject to the terms and conditions set forth below. B&T reserves the right to refuse consignment of any items. By your indication that you 'Agree to the Terms and Conditions', you indicate your agreement to the terms set out below and that you are the lawful owner of all the items that you give us in consideration for consignment.


At this time B&T is currently only accepting the following items:

clothing · pyjamas · sleep sacs · swimwear · coats · shoes · maternity wear 

We do not accept: 

children’s undergarments · socks · toys · books · baby accessories (towels, carriers, blankets, bags, pacifiers etc.) · baby gear (strollers, car seats, play mats etc.)

We are selective when it comes to brands, as we only curate the brands that we believe have the best quality and style. You can find a list of the brands that we accept and the brands that we do not accept at the end of this document. It is at Bib and Tucker's sole discretion to take an article of clothing despite the brand being on the list.

All articles of clothing must be laundered, folded and in excellent used condition, meaning brand new, new condition or gently used. Any items with holes, stains, rips, missing buttons or zippers, pet hair, and strong odours will not be accepted.



You must indicate on the ‘New Consignor Form’ if you wish for your items to be picked up or if you will drop them off. 

If you have chosen to have your items picked up, please place your items in a covered bin or basket Items will be sorted and selected on location. 

If you have chosen to drop off your items, please place them in a bin or laundry basket, items will be sorted and selected on location.

Your items will be placed for sale for approximately ninety (90) days. If they do not sell after this period they will be donated to a charity of B&T’s choosing. If you would like to have your unsold items returned to you, you must specify this on the ‘New Consignor Form’. An email will be sent to you to inform you that your clothes are available for pick up. You will have seven (7) days from the day the email is sent to pick up your unsold items. All items remaining after this seven (7) day period will be considered abandoned, and will be donated to charity.

Upon receipt, B&T will be responsible for advertising, selling and shipping your items. B&T is fully responsible for assessing each item for consignment, and choosing a price point that they consider appropriate for industry standards taking into consideration various variables including brand, style and condition. B&T has the right to use all items for marketing and promotional use on their website or social media platforms.



We offer three payment options, you may select one of the options stated below:

 1. We buy your items from you upfront (25% of Bib and Tucker’s sale price) in the form of cash or e-transfer. Once Bib and Tucker has paid for your items, we become the sole property owner of each item and items will not be returned to you.

2. Receive payment once your items have sold (40% of Bib and Tucker’s sale price) in the form of cash or e-transfer.

3. Receive in-store credit once your items have sold (50% of Bib and Tucker’s sale price). Store credit for your amount earned may be used at any time. Store credit cannot be used to pay for sales tax or shipping.

You may request payment at any time.